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Combined Cadet Force


The Combined Cadet Force provides one of the most popular voluntary activities at Dollar Academy.  Although it is partially funded by the Armed Forces, it is not primarily a recruiting source; indeed recruitment into the Armed Forces is managed through the Careers Service and is quite independent of the CCF.


The CCF offers boys and girls from Form II to Form VI opportunities to learn, as educated citizens of tomorrow, about the Armed Forces and so come to be able to judge their role in a democratic society.  This is done by giving the cadets a taste of military life, both within the Academy and at military establishments in the UK as a whole.  For example, Easter Camp is mainly Adventurous Training – rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, kayaking likely to be based at the Army Training area at Inverness; Summer Camp with other Contingents is usually at a purpose built Cadet Camp such as the one at Wathgill, Catterick or at the “local” Barry Buddon Camp at Carnoustie. Other cadets are going to RAF camp or to Royal Naval Camps at Portsmouth and Dartmouth. 


More advanced courses are held at military establishments such as the Royal School of Signals in Dorset, the Schools of Catering or Physical Education in Aldershot or at Dartmouth Royal Naval College.  The cost of Contingent Camps is usually of the order of £50 for the 5 – 7 day trip:  the cost of Courses run for the UK as a whole is usually less, if not free, and travel to them is free.


Throughout the pupils' CCF life, each Cadet is encouraged to develop a sense of discipline, both as an individual and as a member of the Corps as a whole.  They are taught elements of drill, military tactics, weapons safety and firing, map reading, voice procedure on the radio, elementary flying skills, first aid, life saving, camping and field craft and boat handling.  There is a great deal of emphasis on outdoor education, adventurous activities and socialising! The Corps parades each Friday from 3.30 to 5.00.  Sections are also encouraged to contribute to the life and work of the community.  For example, members of the Royal Signals Troop may assist in charities events where a radio network is a safety. 


Our most colourful Section is the Pipe Band.  Musicians are encouraged to develop interest in other Sections as well as play in the Band. 


The Shooting Section benefits from tutoring in class time, and is amongst the foremost in the UK.


Uniform, apart from boots, is issued free as long as it is returned on leaving the Corps.  The annual CCF subscription to help cover transport, catering and cost of hiring specialist instructors will be £50 per academic year, charged in arrears on the fee account at the end of Term 1.  After this trial period at the start of Form 2, a term’s notice is required if a cadet leaves corps before leaving school.  If you agree to your child’s enrolment, please complete the attached proforma and return it with the Recruit Camp Permission Slip. Please note that Recruits must sign both the school and the CCF forms to use the Army Facilities at camp.

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