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The 1802 Foundation


Dollar Academy is in a secure financial position at present as a result of careful guardianship of the school's finances by the Governors who act as Trustees. The Academy is very popular, and continues to develop in response to perceived needs which are listed in the annual School Development Plan.

The Governors, with remarkable far-sightedness, are looking to ensure that the medium to long-term future of the Academy will be similarly secure. To that end, every member of the Academy community has been sent a leaflet on the subject of annual giving. The Academy wishes to create in the coming years a substantial fund which will be used to provide, for example, the following benefits for future generations

  • Bursaries for pupils who require financial support after a change in their circumstances
  • Specific building projects
  • Continued upgrading of teaching classrooms and boarding houses

To our parents who pay fees, we affirm that whilst giving is always a personal choice, your children will be the beneficiaries of what is raised through The 1802 Foundation this year. To our former pupils who play such a significant role in the life of the Academy, we suggest that the education you received at Dollar may have contributed in large measure to your success today. We want to encourage you to help us make our distinctive education available to a wider spectrum of student.

There are many parents and friends of the Academy who might wish to assist in this major development. As a result, a separate fund entitled The 1802 Foundation has been set up for long-term management. We shall be pleased to provide further details on giving, should you wish additional information. An annual report will be produced to inform all benefactors of achievements made possible as a result of their donations. Above all, the Governors wish to stress that you should consult your independent financial adviser on how best to support this cause.

Dollar Academy's founders showed extraordinary vision. The current Governors hope that their vision will continue to provide benefit for children attending Dollar Academy well into the future.



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