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The John McNabb Society


Dollar Academy was founded through a bequest from the Will of Captain John McNabb, a poor boy from the parish who sought his fortune at sea and became a rich London merchant.  The interests on his legacy, of some £40,000 on his death in 1802, was to be used for the provision of “a charity or school for the poor of the parish of Dollar wheir I was born”.


Since its foundation in 1818, Dollar Academy has influenced the lives of thousands of individuals by providing them with an excellent education in an outstanding setting.


Today, some 200 years later, gifts left from the wills of Former Pupils remain an important source of income to the Academy.


Membership of The Captain John McNabb Society remains confidential, recognition will be by regular communication and by an annual Captain John McNabb Society event which you will be invited to attend.


If you would like more details of how to join The Captain John McNabb Society please contact Elaine Gallagher, Registrar or on 01259 742511.


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