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Dollar Academy Bursary Scheme
Means-Tested Bursaries for Day Entrants to Form 1

Dollar Academy’s Board of Governors is committed to assisting deserving children by way of a means-tested Bursary Scheme. Although the fund for supporting bursaries is growing, resources are limited and awards will be determined on the basis of greatest financial need.


The Bursary Scheme

The Academy welcomes applications on behalf of prospective pupils, and Dollar’s Junior 2 pupils, who are about to enter Form 1 and cannot afford to pay the fees, either in full or in part. All bursary applications will be means-tested and, as the personal circumstances of parents vary considerably, the financial criteria for qualifying for a bursary will not be disclosed, and will remain confidential to the Academy.

The award of a bursary is subject to satisfactory performance in the January Entrance Test preceding entry to Form 1 and, if demand for bursaries exceeds the available funds, bursaries will be awarded in accordance with ranked performance in the entrance assessments.


Awards may be up to 100% of the tuition fee, but some may be considerably less.


In all cases, the amount awarded is applied by amendment of fee accounts and no payment is made to parents. Subject to continued academic performance and effort, and observance of the Academy’s rules and regulations on behaviour and conduct, the award will usually apply for the duration of a pupil’s registration at the Academy. Additional payments may be made to assist with other costs, such as participation in local trips and events. Charges for participation in overseas excursions and co-curricular activities, and daily travel to and from the Academy, are the responsibility of parents. Support with buying uniform and other required items may be made available on application, on a biennial basis.


Please be aware that awards may be reduced or withdrawn should a family’s financial position improve, and the Bursar reserves the right to request that families provide updated information on their financial position at any time.  


How to Apply

The application process begins each year with the Entrance Test held in the January preceding the August intake to Form 1.  Prior to this, if your child is not currently a Dollar Academy pupil, you must first apply for a place at the school by completing an Application for Enrolment form, which includes a bursary application section. The form may be downloaded from the Academy’s website, or requested from the School Office on 01259 742511.  Parents may apply for enrolment subject to the award of a bursary.


All applicants must then sit the January Entrance Test. Please note that this is the only test considered in the bursary award process, and pupils sitting any other test which may be arranged from time to time will not be considered for a bursary.


Junior 2 pupils who wish to apply for a Form 1 bursary must also sit the Entrance Test in January, and a request for a bursary should be submitted, in writing, to the Bursar by the day of the test. For Junior 2 pupils, the outcome of the test will be used only in relation to the bursary process, and will not affect progress to Form 1.


Please note that all requests for bursary application consideration must either be noted on the relevant section of the Application for Enrolment form (new applicants), or, for existing Junior 2 pupils, made in writing to the Bursar by the date of the entrance test. Requests received after the entrance test will not be considered.


Bursary Awards

The Rector will write to all new applicants confirming the offer of a place at the Academy, or otherwise, in mid-February. The Bursar will also write to all bursary candidates, i.e. new applicants who have been offered a place, and Junior 2 applicants, to confirm whether, as a result of the Entrance Test, their request to apply for a bursary has been successful.


The parents of successful bursary candidates will be asked to complete a means-test form, and attach documentary evidence to support the information given on the form.


The deadline for receipt of means-test application forms is normally mid-March; parents will be notified of the outcome by the end of March or beginning of April.


There is no course of appeal following the bursary award decision. Unsuccessful applications may be the result of either a lack of evidence of financial need, or insufficient availability of funds. 


All enquires should be directed to:
Marion Campbell
Direct line: 01259 740515



Means-Tested Boarding Bursaries and Scholarships

The Governors have offered limited bursary funding to support boys and girls entering Dollar Academy as boarders who demonstrate excellence academically, or in music or sport. The tuition fee element will normally be required to be paid in full, but the boarding element may attract financial support. Parental income will be assessed, but remission of a percentage of the boarding element of the fee may be offered to boys and girls who do particularly well in the Entrance Test or who have met high academic standards in their previous schools.


The Governors have recommended that, in addition to academic criteria, high standards of conduct and behaviour be attached to these remissions, and Dollar Academy pupils who have been awarded them will be re-assessed each year, as will their financial circumstances. The intention is, however, to provide significant support to a number of boarders throughout their senior school careers.


Candidates from IAPS Prep Schools are also eligible for bursaries and scholarships, although for day pupil applicants scholarships are honorary and attract no financial remission.


Details concerning the provision of boarding scholarships may be obtained by contacting the Rector directly.


Sibling Fee Remission

Where more than two children of the same family attend the Academy concurrently, tuition fees for the third sibling, and subsequent siblings, are reduced by half.


Fee Remission for Serving Members of HM Forces

The children of forces families, day and boarding, will receive a 20% reduction on the full boarding and/or tuition fee, as appropriate and contact should be made with the Bursar’s Office to expedite the claim. Please note that only one form of remission may apply at any time, so where three or more siblings attend concurrently, Forces remission of 20% will operate for the first two siblings, and sibling remission of 50% on the tuition fee will apply to the third and subsequent children - but not the 20% Forces remission in addition.  


Means-Tested Fee Remission Policy - Hardship

From the outset it should be recognised that the Governors have limited resources to support families who experience financial difficulties once their children have started their education at Dollar.  No specific fund exists at present to support such cases, and in many instances, the Governors will simply be unable to offer support.  Families with pupils about to enter Form 1 may be able to access the Bursary Scheme. In other cases consideration may be given to pupils in Forms 4 and 5 to allow completion of the next phase of public examinations by ensuring continuity of curriculum  in that regard. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will pupils in Form 6 be considered.  Pupils in the Prep and Junior schools will not be considered, nor, ordinarily, will pupils in Forms 1, 2 and 3. Awards of assistance will be means tested and will be granted only if sufficient funds are available. Any decision made by the Governors will be final and there is no right of appeal. In the case of any award of assistance parents or guardians must inform the Bursar, in writing, of any material change in their financial position without delay. In some cases this may obviously lead to the withdrawal of any award.


Other Sources of Bursary Assistance

There are a number of educational and charitable trusts which provide assistance with tuition fees. In the majority of cases these are to assist children who are already attending a school which charges fees and as a result of a change in financial circumstances may be unable to remain there. Furthermore, such trusts tend to be reluctant to commit funds for more than one or two years and, therefore, will be unlikely to consider pupils in Junior School or at the lower end of the Senior School. Nevertheless, the Academy encourages parents to apply for support where it is felt a good case can be made for assistance. Most trusts will contact the Academy to seek information regarding the pupil’s conduct and general performance. Further information on sources of assistance and how to apply may be obtained by consulting the section entitled Meeting the Cost on the website of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS): 


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