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Travel Awards at Dollar Academy


Pupils at Dollar Academy who wish to travel for a particular purpose, usually educational or charitable, have access to a wide range of awards and scholarships. Further details about these awards, and the application procedures, can be found below:







The Cameron Travel Scholarship


These awards are administered by the Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust, which was set up specifically in order to support students of agriculture and pupils of Dollar Academy. Further details can be found by visiting the Cameron Travel Scholarship page of this website.



The William Dick Brown Travel Prize

William Dick Brown (1887-1968), from a Dunfermline family, retired in 1949 to live in Dollar after a working life spent in many parts of India and the Far East. He was a great supporter of school activities, particularly rugby and cricket. In his memory, his widow and three sons (all FPs) set up The William Dick Brown Travel Prize Trust in 1970.

The Objective of the Trust is to encourage, and help financially, pupils of Dollar Academy to travel outwith the United Kingdom in order to carry out a personal project which may encompass any field of study, sport or recreation.

Any pupil completing either Form V or VI may apply.

Applications should be made in writing to the Trustees, giving full name, address, date of birth and an outline of the nature and the funding of the proposed project. Originality, practicality and benefit to the applicant will be taken into account.

Applications should be sent in the first instance to the Bursar, to be received by 24 April.


Further details can be found by visiting the William Dick Brown Travel Prize page of this website.

The Award: not less than £1200.

Previous winners:

2012: Julian Camilleri-Brennan, Dillon Downie & Ida Nizankowska
2011: Louise Carson & Hannah Muir
2010: Sarah Crowe, Sarah Silk & Kerr Wishart
2009: Stuart Campbell & Jennifer MacDonald
2008: Kirsty Napier
2007: Graeme Dick
2006: Yasmine Bazazi
2005: Rachel Silk
2004: Alexandra Bowie
2003: Billy Prior
2002: Catherine Robins, Iain Gray & Kirsty McRae
2001: Kirsty McRae
2000: Alasdair Mackie



Harry Bell Travel Awards

Harry Bell, OBE, was Rector of Dollar Academy from 1936-60. A Trust Fund was set up by the Bell family on the centenary of Harry Bell’s birth to enable pupils currently attending Dollar Academy to further their study of English by travelling. The first Harry Bell Travel Awards were made in 1999/2000.

These awards are open to Form V pupils who wish to travel during the summer holiday and study a topic of literary interest. The Trustees of the award will make up a number of awards – in the past the value of the award has ranged from £125 - £250. Proposals should be submitted to Mrs Murray by May of each year. Successful candidates are required to produce both for the Trustees and for publication in Fortunas “a lively report that reflects the writer’s experiences of place and subject.” In addition, the Harry Bell Travel Scholarship will be awarded for the best report at Prize Giving the following year.

Proposals, usually between 50-200 words, will probably require some discussion with the class teacher. Successful examples from recent years include In Search of Avalon, In the Footsteps of Davie Balfour, George Orwell’s Paris, Writers’ Venice, Sorley Maclean and Skye, Hardy’s Wessex. Pupils with genuine literary interests should be encouraged to apply.

Previous winners:

2012: Tom Clode, Emily Deans, Dimitrinka Ditsova, Lauren Hill, Euan Johnstone, Scott McSherry, Hayley Montgomery, Ellen Ormesher, Bryony Ross & Eleanor Taylor.

2011: Caitie Bugler-Whincup, Ruth Cameron, Alexander Green, Fionn Hargreaves, Paige Lipski, Catriona Scott, Nicole Treanor & Calum Worsley.

2010: Lucy Bremner, Mhairi Fergusson, Thomas Hornall, Rebecca Keely, Jessica Smart & Mairi Williams.

2009: Lydia Barge, Angela Boal, Rebecca Chroston, Laura Duncan, Jamie Gee, Niall Gillen, David Johnstone, Sarah Johnston, Anna Murray & Emma Scott.

2008: Jamie Andrew, Catriona Basquill, Jenny Clarke, Cormac Healy, Alison Horne, Liza Hunter, Harika Iridag, Naomi Stewart, Finn Thomson, Thomas Watret.

2007: Francesca Bouaoun, Tammas Burt, Grace Davies, Kirsty Gillen, Rachel Hill, Rebecca Kidd, Fergus McGhee, Jamie McNish, Lucy Russell, Kathryn Smith, Bruce Torrance & Lewis Vanstone.

2006: Katrin Bosse-Foy, Kirsty Cook, Laura McConnell, Flora Murray & Louise Reid.



Sports Travel Awards

Money was donated by an anonymous former pupil in 2005/6.

Applications should be made in writing to Mr McConnell in the Geography department by the Easter holiday each year

Previous Winners:

2012: Kyle Adam & Kathryn Gillespie
2011: Ruth Clarke
2010: Ruth Clarke, Robyn Johnstone & Elizabeth Sheddon
2008: Matthew Gillespie & Kathryn Gillespie
2007: Matthew Gillespie, Eilidh Hargreaves & Robyn Johnstone
2006: Michael Gillespie & Fiona Winchester



The Jennifer Dunsmore Travel Scholarship

This award was founded In memory of a former pupil who was killed in a car accident in the summer after she had completed Form VI (1997). The scholarship is to help with any project involving travel and business/work experience. Jennifer was an excellent Business Management student.

Applicants in Form V or VI should give a letter outlining their project and what they hope to gain from it to Mrs Hutchison (addressed to Mr and Mrs Dunsmore).

Previous winners:

2012: Max Cumming
2011: Ruth Cameron
2010: Rebecca Keely
2009: Elizabeth Walker
2008: Stuart Campbell
2007: Carys Williamson
2006: Christopher Macdonald



The Kynoch Travel Scholarship

The John Kynoch Scholarship was first awarded in 1952. The bequest to fund this travelling scholarship was made by Minnie Kynoch, L.L.A. St Andrews University, in memory of her brother Professor John Kynoch (both FPs from the 1870s).

The award was originally made to the best student in the final year of Modern Languages. The winner had to spend at least 2 months studying abroad and write an account of their stay in the language of the country visited. In recent years it has been awarded as a travel subsidy to a pupil heading for teaching jobs in France, Germany or Spain.

Applications to Mr D Delaney by the end of the Spring Term each session.

Previous winners:

2012: Jamie Smith
2011: Michael Green
2010: Naomi Forbes
2009: Matthew Millar
2008: Andrew Watson
2006: Andrew Wright



The Macnaughton Classics Travel Award

This award was established in memory of Edwin Macnaughton who was Headmaster of the former Hamilton Academy and author of ‘The Approach to Latin’ series. The donor’s children attended Dollar Academy.

The Scholarship consists of a grant of £250 towards the cost of a trip to a Classical site (or sites), with a specific writing project in mind. This project may be a short historical article (1,000 words minimum) or a piece of travel writing which draws its inspiration either from the ancient sources relating to the site and/or from the site itself. The recipient of the Scholarship will have his work published in Fortunas.

The Scholarship is open to ANY pupil who has taken a CLASSICAL SUBJECT (Latin, Greek or Classical Studies) at Higher level. The pupil selected will undertake the trip during the summer vacation following Form V, and submit the article to Fortunas by the end of Term 1 of Form VI.

Application forms for the MacNaughton Travel Scholarship may be obtained from the Classics Department. Pupils should state the nature and purpose of their project in no more than 200 words in the space provided on the form.


Previous winners:

2012: Jack Breslin
2011: Hamish Tester
2010: Thomas Hornall
2009: Ruth Taylor
2008: Naomi Stewart

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