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World Education Games

All Form I and II pupils have been registered to take part in the World Education Games which involves competing against millions of children from all over the world.  Event times are:


World Spelling Day          10 am Monday 4th March – 10 am Wednesday 6th March


World Maths Day             10 am Tuesday 5th March – 10 am Thursday 7th March


World Science Day           10 am Wednesday 6th March – 10 am Friday 8th March


Prizes and certificates will be presented to pupils and classes with the top scores in the school (and in the world).  Many have been practising at home over the past week in anticipation of the first competition will begins on Monday, 4 March at 10:00 am.





Mrs Fiona Stewart (Acting)


Miss Sheila Cannon
Mrs Catherine Childs
Mr Robert Durran

Miss Kyle Ely

Mr Duncan Gibb
Mrs Lesley Jeffrey
Mr Simon Johnson (Assistant Rector)
Mr Iain Mackenzie

Mrs Vicky Mason

Mr Paul McKay

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